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Shattered shards of my mind
Mirror mirror on my soul many broken shards do i need to become whole?
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Madness of Alice
statues are hidden among where the rosebushes bleed there are doors your answers are key
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Return to Alice
Vines twist and mangled piled bodies lay on the heap a madness only know to those named Alice are withered in the Queen's keep for the doors with lock require hair and teeth non so true to the exit of wonderlands brew then ones you ran into
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Pokemon Gym Designs List
First Gym
Pokemon Type: Ghost
Pokemon Level's 20's -30's
Pokemon held items:
Ghostizuuim Z
Quick Claw
Sritus Berry
Spooky Plate
Passo Berry
Hands over Held Item: Spooky Plate
Gym Badge color and desing: purple and white skull shaped badge
Trap only one a the front of the gym a telepoartaion mat that waprs you out of the gym the fist time u wlak in it
Gym trainers: Hex maincs, Punks, Poke' fan, Ruins mainac (4 hexes, one rock, 3 fans, two punks)
Third Gym
Pokeomn typ: vaires but all are Rare pokeon
Level 50's and 60's
clefairy (?) one rare faiy tpe pokemon
Held itmes:
Odd inscense
Dragon Fang
Quick Claw
Blakc Glasses
Pixi Plate
Battle Type: Inverse Battle
Badge color and desing:
Gym trainers: Fairy tale girl, Physic , Hex maniac, Drgaon tamer, Punks
Hands over a held item: Mystic Water
Last Gym
Pokemon Types : Varies
Battle: Normal Stlye single Battle
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Volume 5 Episode 6 of RWBY Qrow's lsit of Friends
Shiro Wan
Blaine Griffin
Boyo K or R aine
Amethysts Kreiss
Ivy Aittham
Aio Rivas
Farrow vaccaio
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RWBY Requirements list
Team Name:
Weapon Name:
Aura color:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Outfit deigns:
Outfit color:
Skin tone:
Based off of:
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Labyrinth of the Pendulum
Is it starting or has it already come to the climax?
Where in the crowds do you stand, outside of everyone's rules or just another doe waiting for something to happen?
Is there magic, is there no more to our illusions that draw you in pondering what will come next. Don't move now please enjoy the show that you have provided for us to watch on the other side of the looking glass.
You won't want to miss this.
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Seekers Saga
Young xenonhart
Lux (?)
Master of Masters (?)
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Gaurdians Seven
Yen Sid
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Laws for a funeral for one so Great as You
An array of people shroud in black hang in their heads weeping for the tears to come and years that are lost among the dead, before the fallen ones place their arms around these shoulders buried in chains I would like to thank in so many ways the path that helped set me upon the ocean's waves .
There have been lives lived and lives lost, families loved and broken shattered by such petty things and born anew with gleams of hope of for someone to be born into this world who all knew would help come the day that they can once again have their peaceful waves and sing.
So many tides of emotions flow high and low and above the sea's might roar the gates of he clouds open once more, there are no pearls no gleaming gold for the soul needs not those but welcoming is the smiles of the people's past from now and old.
There have been lives longing for a way to escape such a horrid fate but peace is written in your eyes all throughout your face and so we speak in unison then that our dearest friend
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Breaking Point
There is none here, not a single thought that ebbs away from the malice that stains my heart  anger of fury dwelling within my mind cages beginning to break open locks and chains shattering to the ground and in this decaying web of confusion desperation and futility come calling in waves .
Artistic soul becomes a murder's goal the scenery changes but not the message that is left written in the blood of those who will come to past, of all the times we have lived we were merely allowing ourselves to die should a person of several end up missing the pieces will be placed on the board for everyone's eyes to judge that which they so uncommonly lack to understand.
The mask that is worn has be torn in half and tossed aside the torment of the silenced pain has come to the boiling point of surfacing once more , No more  shall wicked deed go unpunished no one has such an elusive immunity to hurt and the actions taken are  but a mere  unheard plea  as everything just fade
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Short Story Plot One
During the times of magic there exts trolls, elves, faie,s pix,es merimads and sires alongside with huamns, humans are grwoing rpaidly in number well one dya a small boy is told to stay out of a cerian are of the woods and diesnt lsten leading him a little deeper into the woods and he accinetdy injuirs his left leg, or rther his foot . His spains his ankle and is unbale to wlak callign for help for 5 mintues and rleiazes that no on can hear him so he tire to hela himslef and tries to wlak anyways only to fall down crying out in pain, a small group of short trolls near by watch the young lad and when it seems that he is aloen and defenless thye approuch him, hwoever due to the child's deathly fera of caterin objetc or insest that the trolls have he has a viloent balck out giving him the tmerpolry treght to overpower the small group and scaring them away, where then three elves fall upon the boy . The elves decied to bring him cloe to the huamns as thye are not willing to get too close t
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Short Story Plot Two
a woman who greup poor in the city gets married to a man and thye have a child only for that child to be a still born not too long after the man dies, tricked by his greedy fmialy members thye rob the wife of the money that was rightfuly hers, gicing into depression due to the loss of both her husabd and child she falls on hard times, so much so that she lives now in a poor run down rat infested apremnt and ca not apdo, yer sprior to the lose of her only child she in her depressed state dmanges her body making her incapble of havving another child. Later hse does things she regrets and works a sripe bar with her owner's friend goading her nto becoming a prostuite satting that the oeny will make her wleahty again, though she refues, sil she winds up drinking and with all her sorrs goes to abulidng that houses a few stsutes at the top overlooking the city, she tlaks out loud to the staues satting her depsair and how she regets her life and wanst to end it all when a voice that is neoth m
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Happy Valentines
A heart pulsating, still beating though the tissue of it begins to decay as the flesh that once housed this vessel is no more but mere ashes portrayed. The fresh coating of the warm liquid dyed red passing over the organ vital, withering slowly as the brisk morning air remains wild and untamed by the cloudy skies and well covered footprints in white trailing to a no man's place out in the woods.
The rotting smell of a corpse lingering and faint as the water from a broken stream washes away the once strong fumes that rang out loud , smothering the atmosphere with it's lustrous malice capable of radiating a kind of primal need only to later be slaked in someone's screams.
Happy Valentines......
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Olivia 's poem
A cheery tune with a sad song, the castle of a white swan, a dream to someday make the pain go away ease it a little each by day. Theater and group traveling far and wide, humming to the loneliness held deep inside, I can not do much but dance , yes true but I would not hesitate to love someone like you.
I am flawed and scared I have been captive for their use and been bared , I have many I would like to thank what little I offer is all I have for much worry is still on my plate. What if love is just a guise for someone to hurt, what if caring was but a ruse to the powers upheld only to abuse? The things I have are not much, simple as can be my life and honor go to the man who has rescued me.
I am someone who is not that great, but my passion will not die even if this is not what others say. My inspiration comes from all around, the good things that are hard to be found. A ring is fine to wear , a class to change since weddings are here, but there is a future I want to see and it's wit
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Sparkles seem to glide right off of you, I wonder can I see things from your point of view? Wearing a white gown perhaps a dress to wed but is he the one to whom your heart has truly fled? Dance with me in this court of war , all things are not as they seem. Did you hear the future's ring? Have you not noticed anew anything? I crave your touch, from silken hands to your long braided hair the color of flowers that spring comes to welcome and bear. You say that you are sorry and remain timid and shy, I hope to the gods that you will see that I should be your guy.
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Hope: The Pandoran Healer by ZephX Hope: The Pandoran Healer :iconzephx:ZephX 5 0 Zero Two by ZephX Zero Two :iconzephx:ZephX 6 2 Orange Rose by IanirasArtifacts Orange Rose :iconianirasartifacts:IanirasArtifacts 64 5 Sunset #6 by CreacentQuartz Sunset #6 :iconcreacentquartz:CreacentQuartz 12 7 Speedpaint compilation2 by XMaveria Speedpaint compilation2 :iconxmaveria:XMaveria 8 4 Casselia by chaosringen Casselia :iconchaosringen:chaosringen 707 15 Planet Popstar by Doctor-G Planet Popstar :icondoctor-g:Doctor-G 35 0 ba-dump ba-dump by kawacy ba-dump ba-dump :iconkawacy:kawacy 6,250 79 Taboki Test 2 by zipskyblue Taboki Test 2 :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 27 6 Traitor among us by STRAY-KAGE Traitor among us :iconstray-kage:STRAY-KAGE 192 14 D.VA Black Cat - Overwatch by Lolliedrop D.VA Black Cat - Overwatch :iconlolliedrop:Lolliedrop 681 12 found you... by Twime777 found you... :icontwime777:Twime777 315 77 Fire Emblem Heroes Wallpaper - Seasons Greetings by DeviErwin Fire Emblem Heroes Wallpaper - Seasons Greetings :icondevierwin:DeviErwin 10 0 Fire Emblem Fates Inventory Screen by Kaz-Kirigiri Fire Emblem Fates Inventory Screen :iconkaz-kirigiri:Kaz-Kirigiri 17 0 Fire Emblem Revelation Chapter Start Blank by Kaz-Kirigiri Fire Emblem Revelation Chapter Start Blank :iconkaz-kirigiri:Kaz-Kirigiri 15 0
Happy Holidays/ Happy Valentine's Day!! to Everyone!!!

Having issues with my laptop again so don't be surprised if i'm not DA for a while.

I'm an otaku and a gamer.

Faygo Create and submit your flavor ideas!

Faygo Flavor: Ringmaster Raspberry

Taste: a mixture of red and black raspberries

FLAVOR: Miraculous

Taste: like a motherfucking miracle blended with the miraculously Motherfucking rainbow

Flavor : Faygo Sopor

Taste: a unique blend to be sure ,leaves a bland aftertaste though ...

Flavor : Carnival

Ringmaster Raspberry belongs to my sister she is the one who came up with it

also on the real faygo website you CAN SUBMIT Faygo Flavor Ideas, my sister and i have tried to do this with these flavors but we weren't able to due to the  computer 

also it wouldn't let me put this in gamzee's typing quirk which i have grown decent and use in most of my notes HoNk :0) i don't
 have to look at the keyboard anymore to type like him yay!

and on a Homestuck note all the trolls such as kankri and karkat share the same aspect as to where the classes are different so i thought and i Know that it's NOT Cannon i'm just taking wild guesses here what if, IF the singless and the others were given a class and aspect and what would they be? Good question yes no? any who i tried my hand at well trying to pin them down and i would like to know what you guys think each of the homestuck people had too here's what i guessed:

Homestuck Original Ancestors

Singless – Heir of Blood

Grand Highblood- Lord of Rage

Her Imperial Condescension- Witch of Life

Dispicle- Sylph of Heart

Dolorosa- Seer of Space

Psiiconic- Maid of Doom

Summoner-Knight of Breath

MindFang- Mage of Light

Orphener Duelscar- Rouge of Hope (?)

Handmaid- Thief of Time

Redglare- Page of Mind

Darkleer- Rouge of Void


Kankri- Seer of Blood

Latula- Knight of Mind

Kurloz- Prince of Rage

Meulin- Mage of Heart

Horus- Page of Void

Mituna- Heir of Doom

Porrim- Maid of Space

Meenah- Thief of Life

Ariania- Sylph of Light

Cronus- Bard of Hope

Rufioh- Rouge of Breath

Damara- Witch of Time


Karkat- Knight of Blood

Terzei- Seer of Mind

Gamzee- Bard of Rage

Aradia- Maid of Time

Equisis- Heir of Void

Feferi- Witch of Life

Eridan- Prince of Hope

Vrishaka- Thief of Light

Nepheta- Rouge of Heart

Kanaya- Sylph of Space

Sollux- Mage of Doom

Tavros- Page of Breath


Singless-Kankri-Karkat = Blood Players

Summoner-Rufioh-Tavros = Breath Players

Handmaid-Damara-Aradia = Time Players

Helmsman-Mituna-Sollux = Doom Players

Discple-Meulin-Nepheta = Heart Players

Dolorosa-Porrim-Kanaya = Space Players

Neophite Redglare -Latula-Terzei = Mind Players

Marquise Spinneret MindFang- Ariania-Vrisska = Light Players

Exucutioner Darkleer-Horus-Equisis = Void Players

The Grand High Blood-Kurloz-Gamzee = Rage Players

Orphener DuelScar- Cronus-Eridan = Hope Players

Her Imperial Condession-Meenah-feferi = Life Players

Dirk Strider- Dave Strider

Jake English-John Egbert

Jane Crooker- Jade Harely

Roxy Lalaude- Rose Lalaude

Dirk- Heart Player Class Prince

Dave -Time Player Class Knight

Jake-Hope Player Class Page

John – Breath Player Class Heir

Jane – Life Player Class Maid

Jade – Space Player Class Witch

Roxy – Void Player Class Rouge

Rose- Light Player Class Seer

Lord English- Doc Scratch- Caliborne -Lord of Time

Calliope-Muse of Space

Andrew Hussie- Cosplay Space Player Maid or Heir ( Class: Master Troll )

the one for the huss being a master troll i think we can all agree on that being canon but yeah  when it came to the grand and the others i just guessed Karkat and Kanrki are in fact Cannon when it comes to their session's class and aspect that is something that i know but like i said i was taking a jab at the Singless and the Grand and all of those guys and as said before it was a huge guess on my part and yes i am fully aware that they didn't have classes and aspects way back then i just did it for fun, but hey if you think any of these guesses are wrong and wanna try your hand at for fun and stuff i'd love to know your suggestion on the matter like what do you think their class and aspect would be? as for the cannon part i stuck with the trolls all having the same aspect because it is cannon with terzeri and latula both having the mind aspect and karat and karkri having the blood aspect as to which their classes are reversed such as latula was a knight and kanri was a seer but karkat was a knight and terezi was the seer

Okay so I'm re-posting some of my old stuff because i didn't ave a folder at the ready to mark what had been posted and what hadn't  but i am also posting new stuff too . and for some reason either my computer (or CPU for short )  or Copy and Paste  or DA  in general keeps messing up my writing.  What I mean by that is that my spaces keep getting deleted and my spelling keeps getting replaced or completely distorted and messed with along with grammar and punctuations this also happens when I'm sending a note to someone who i am working with for a story or some kind or Role-play .  And truth be told it is more than a little annoying. For instance i spend hours when it comes to writing when i am able to write in peace and i don't want to have to re-write everything down after an hour or several hours onto stash that's why i use copy and paste maybe it's just me that is having these issues like i said it could be my CPU that's the problem or it could be Copy and Paste in general that's the problem i don't really know but it does get under my skin a bit. My CPU was given to me by a friend because i don't have the money to get a new one hell i don't have the money for a lot of things like a Pokemon pack of deck cards up at Walmart where i live  . I Don't Know i just don't. Also i can not write scary  stories or anything remotely scary for the life of me i can Tell Scary things but i can't write them It's too complex for me i guess in some sort of weird way. Also i don't have like a thingy that lets you post drawings and stuff on here so there is that too. So all of my stuff will more than likely be writing. i fail as an artist but that just means there's room to improve which is good.  I am also a huge nerd when it comes to anime.

Role plays that have been finished :


Tenchi Myo

Blood plus

Mortal Instruments

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball Z


Madoka Magica


Roleplays that are still going on:

Full metal Alchemist




Soul Eater

Zatch bell

Ever After High

Xioalin Showdown

Trinity blood



Kingdom Hearts

Monster High

Final Fantasy ( 7 , 10 )


MeruPuri Marchen Prince


Kodacha: Sana's Stage

Fruits Basket


Immortal Rain


Desert Coral

Wolf's Rain

Vampire Knight

Death Note



Sword Art Online


(So Far)


Kiss X sis

Koi Kaze


Seikon noQwaser

yosuga no sora



kodomo no jikan


Boku no piko


tensou tenge

Shattered angel

Love Hina


Divergence eve

green green

School days

Mars of destruction

Skelter heaven


tokoyo mew mew

Cat planet cutties


Stray cats overrun

Hyper police

Omamori Himari

Nyan koi

excel saga

dead leaves


Kill la Kill



Sleeping with hinako

midori mo hiba


dead man wonderland

Jigoku Shouho aka hell girl

kara no kyoukai

Miria Nikii aka furtue dairy


Elfen lied


cassren sins-luna

yuushibu=airi altinate

Zero ~ Varsity Fanclub


Steven universe

My little pony

Sailor moon

(plus form both the roleplays)

Video Games ( again so far) :

The Legend of Zelda (both old and new)

Spyro ( both the old ones and the new ones)

Pokemon (both old and new)


Fire Emblem: Awakening, birthright (waiting for conquest and echoes)

Final Fantasy (pretyy much all of them cause they are amazing games)

World Ends with you

Kingdom hearts (almost gott'em all lol)

Mario 64

Rayman 2 the great escape

Rachet and clank 1 and 2

Gemni (old Nintendo 64 game)

Banjo and kazooe

Bravely Default (you just knew that it was gonna be here XD  )

Torak 2 :seeds of evil

Ape Escape 1, 3

Jak and Daxter ( almost all)

(dear  gog i have played so many games that i can't really recall of of their names, butt they were worth it)


United States


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